This is why you need to constantly train

Here you can see WHY it’s important to constantly train your core, glutes, and legs.

This shows you why you need to constantly make sure that you keep your arms, core, glutes and legs in shape –

This makes cradling so much easier and safer.

How To Achieve Higher Jumps

Many cheerleaders struggle with getting higher, more on point jumps. Did you know that more than technique or skill, repetition is the key to success. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. But one of the best ways to execute your jumps is by improving your flexibility. Flexibility also improves your form, so you’re less likely to injure yourself when executing an difficult jump.

Here are some exercises that will help you do just that. This routine should be done at least 3 times a week. It’s 20-25 minutes but it will help your jumps get higher, and more precise.

  1. Crunch Balls

This exercise is modified as you will see in the release of the video. ( coming soon) Lie down on your back, arms behind your head, knees up, and have your elbows touch your knees as they come up to meet your elbow. In the video I will show you how to do this and then show you the other way as well.

2. Leg Circles

Lay down and place your legs straight out and hold your upper body up by placing arms behind you and bent at the elbow. Here you are going to rotate each leg in a circle.

3. Jump Kicks

This can be done numerous ways in the video. But you want to do part jumping jack and kick each leg diagonally to the side while also pointing your toe. We can also do kicks forward and to the side.

4. Leg Lifts and Pike Lifts ( from the ground)

Sit on the ground in toe touch position, place one hand behind your right leg and the other in front to help guide the lift. Then lift just your right leg up and the down. Repeat with the left leg. Then get your legs in pike position and do the same thing ( lift right leg up then work on the left) The added exercise with this one is also to be able to hold each leg in the air for 20 seconds, then lower, then lift.

5. Toe Touch Snaps

This is exactly how it sounds except here I have modified it just a little. You are going to law down on your back with your legs slightly bent, arms up over your head and both, upper body and lower body are going to “snap” together at the same time! ( its almost like a ball crunch) except arms go straight up and legs go out into the toe touch position.

6. Wall Kicks

Place your hand on wall and stand sideways. Kick the leg closes to the wall forward and back, getting as high as possible. Repeat with the other leg.


After you do this workout you need to stretch- 1) Seated Toe 2) Seated Stretch 3) Butterfly 4) Standing Split.

Seated Toe: This works best if you have a wall to work with if not you can do this without one. With a wall- sit as close to a wall as possible placing your legs in the Toe touch position and your feet on the wall- stretch it as far apart as you can. You will see how to do this in the video. Seated Stretch: Sit with one leg extended and your back straight. Bend your other leg so that the sole of your foot rests against your mid-thigh. Grab the ankle with the foot that in bent and the toe with the foot that is stretched out. Butterfly: Everyone should know how to do this one! Standing Split: Place your legs as far part from each other as possible, as if you were going to do a split, then place your hands down on the floor in front of you. Try to not actually go down in a split.

You will see how this workout looks with the video that will be posted. I will post a link right in this post if possible.

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Cheering Online

The pandemic is changing how we do things in 2020.

As cheerleading coaches, we need to be prepared that as we look at cheerleading in the fall of 2020, it may be looking very different. A lot of programs don’t know how to pivot. How do you go from having a team that stunts, to a team that can’t?

I have developed a program that can help coaches and cheerleaders, to go from creating routines with stunting to creating routines without it. I have developed the following:

  • Workouts
  • Drills for Perfecting Jumps
  • Drills for tumbling
  • 8 count Dances
  • Printable Sheets and Templates

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